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They boo respect her butt...

I've been searching for some Haunted Houses and other Halloween activities for when I'm up in the Minneapolis area working on the porch. It's a tradition to go a-haunting at least one night, and since my time is a little limited, it's pick-and-choose time.
Most likely there will be one crawl night, either friday the 15th or saturday the 16th. If there is enough interest, we might do both. The Fright Farm is a mainstay of the season. Excellent quality haunt, Mark does a really good job putting it together every year. Unfortunately it's pretty short; 15 minutes or so. It's good to do with other haunts in a night. Trail of Terror is the RenFest haunt. The Haunted House is good sized and usually pretty good quality, though it varies quite a bit depending on how many actors they have available. The hayride has been both quite good and quite lame at different times. There are some other attractions, and it's a good final destination place as you can spend a few hours there. Nightmare at Pinehaven (formerly Nightmare at Trout Aire) is primarily a hayride, with a small haunt at the end. It's located in Wyoming, MN, which is about a 30-minute drive north. This is their second year at Pinehaven, so some things might have changed. Because this is so far away and takes consierable time, it's probably a night by itself, or at least a final destination. Tunnel of Terror</i> is put on by the St. Paul Jaycees. It takes place in caves along the river, which is pretty cool, but it's also a tow-through haunt which is not one of my favorites. Pretty good length, generally some nice hauntwork. Trailers of Terror, located up in Blaine. Takes place in several trailers. I haven't been to this one-- they just opened last year-- but I have heard it was okay to good. Boggy Creek Campground is a little different: it's a yard haunt. It's also free, though they are accepting foodshelf donations. Haven't seen it, but it seems like it could be a nice on-the-way diversion. The Dead Zone unfortunately will not be open this year. Haunting Experience received a "pass on it" rating last year. Very kid-friendly, not scary. Lords of Darkness (Lebens Nursery) doesn't seem to be going this year. And the ( Underworld haunted house which had some problems getting Zombie Experience done last year seems to not be around this year either.

To compare, this is what I'll be going to this weekend:

It takes about 40 minutes to go through the Beast -- IF you don't get lost in the fog in the Werewolf Forest, stuck in the maze, or pulled toward the light in the three-story light tower. The exit is a four story slide, it's straight down and faster than you might find comfortable!

The Werewolf Forest, 1/4 acre in size, requires you to find an exit in complete darkness. It drives up every abandonment issue one could ever have. Every 30 minutes, the werewolves scour the forest to escort out any hysterical guests who haven't found the exit yet. The storm scene's thunder and lightning will make your hair stand on end, the cobblestone streets of Jack the Ripper's London will seduce you, beware the raging wolf. And don't forget about the swamp with it's blood thirsty alligators, the deranged pirate or the man-hunting lion.
If you choose to enter, Beware!!! The Edge of Hell is full of surprises, tricks, illusions and thrills - guaranteed to scare even the bravest of souls: the floors are uneven; the 5 story spiral slide is fast, deep and dark; you WILL be enveloped by creeping fog and vapors; ghouls, monsters and other Demons of the night will leap out at you; you will be cast into total darkness and subjected to loud noises so Be Careful!! Watch your step!!

And here is the only haunt that I could find in the Des Moines area:

Talk about your contrast...

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