Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

If I had a million dollars...

Next powerball is 177 million. Even with the cash payout and taxes, that's still a really respectable amount to get in one chunk. And every time I hear about the jackpot when it gets so big, I start dreaming of what I'd do with say $50 million at my disposal.
First, I'd pay off everything and buy the house outright.
Next, I'd completely renovate the house. Finish that bitch up right.
I'd probably buy the Leben's Greenouse property.
And the Knox Lumber building in Burnsville.
I'd find some property that fulfills my dreams and build a studio/entertainment complex.
I'd hire talented people to run things.
I'd make movies. Heck, I'd probably become the next Roger Corman.
I'd have a hot tub. And probably groupies.

Heck, I may even slightly increase my chances of winning and buy a ticket.

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