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Message from the gods

Went to work on Denise's movie tonight. I've been relegated to second-string sound recordist for reasons too weird to go into, but suffice that I am still working on the movie from time to time.

Shooting tonight was in the Rossmor building in St. Paul. Full of art lofts and studios. We were in one such studio. I was there a few minutes early, Catherine was a few minutes late. Shawn came in something like 45 minutes late, so we didn't get started until after 7:00.

Got maybe 15 minutes in to shooting, when there was a huge flash of light, and all the lights went out. Followed by yet another HUGE flash of light.

Turns out there was a lightning strike close by that took out a substation, and shut down power for about a block. We waited for a while in the hope that the power would come back on, but after about an hour, Denise called it and we packed up in the dark. Went down the long hallway and stairs in the dark, and just as we stepped outside into the parking lot, all the power came back on.

Like the middle finger of God.

Advertising in a nationally-circulated magazine is expensive, though not as bad as it could be. A little over $200 per insertion. Deadline for the next issue is April 1st; I don't know if I can make that. At this point I don't see how.

Watching the war play-by-play. Technology is both frustrating and annoying at the same time. We have live pictures coming in over a video phone conection, which is way cool but frustrating because it looks like badly compressed internet porn. Geraldo Rivera on a cell phone in Afghanistan. Ever notice how much he looks like Saddam?

Mystery meat of the day:
No meat today. Peanut butter.

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