Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

more rantyness

Tag IDs are a very primitive unit in the entire system. EVERYBODY uses Tag IDs. We have had modules that have been complete and tested for months that use Tag IDs. There are many operations that use Tag IDs based on the fact that a Tag ID is a 32-bit unsigned integer.

Suddenly changing the Tag ID's to a class that uses a minimum of 16 bytes and requires methods to do compares and other operations breaks all of the existing code base, and may require significant rework time. In some cases, it will break the communication model because we only have a 24-byte payload, and suddenly we have to change the whole message mechanism.

I realize that this stems from the (brainless) management decision to not add more memory, thus requiring the removal of the ERID look-up, but somebody now needs to let them know that this will cause delays in our development because of rework issues. And they don't like hearing about delays now, do they?

Christ on a rubber crutch.

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