Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Shitty days

Went to a haunted house here in Des Moines. FACECAGE was the only name I could put to it, which may or may not be the name of a band.
I was hoping for something good. It wasn't. And it wasn't, in the "I really don't care" way of being bad. The only actor in the whole crew was a girl with a headless baby that followed me for a while talking about the baby-- that was sufficiently creepy enough to almost be redeeming, but the rest of the maze was filled with guys banging on things. Kegs, cans, walls, it didn't seem to matter.
Some of the set designs could have been nice, had they carried anything over from the set. For instance, one set had a couple of splayed-open bodies hanging on hooks from the ceiling, reminiscent of a Hellraiser movie. It was the perfect opportunity to put in a Cennobite or two or three, but what they had was a guy in a rubber mask with a stick whacking on the wall.

Just lame.

So I went and saw "Shaun of the Dead". That did a lot to improve my mood. Got back home and worked on corpses for a while.

Barb called. Last week, my friend Jess and her friend Sasha (different Sasha) did a massive cleaning on the kitchen. And I mean massive. And it freaked Barb out, as well it should. She is upset because she feels like I have taken away an avenue of redemption for her-- like if she cleaned, she would somehow be making steps toward "fixing" herself. I told her that would be just fine if the mess wasn't affecting other people. The actual conversation was a lot uglier than that, but I really don't want to go through it again. It really set the downer mood for the day.

More corpse work. Decided that I wanted to make a cobweb shooter, and figured I'd go down to Home Depot and get the parts.

First off, Home Depot only had one glue gun, and it was not even close to powerful enough. So I went to Menard's.
Menards had one that might have worked. I was collecting parts when I started to feel a little wonky. Then my cell phone rang, and it was Barb again.

I screwed up the accounting when I was working on the porch. And I overspent by a large chunk, enough that the house payment bounced. And my check that was supposed to be in this weekend wasn't, so not only do I not have the money to make the house payment, I don't have the money to pay rent before the end of the month. Or bills. Or buy gas to get up there next weekend.
So I'm upset, and feeling even wonkier. Turns out to be a low-blood-glucose event. I'm sweating, shaking, dizzy, and having a hard time breathing, standing in Menards with a handful of parts.
I ended up dumping everything, picking up some chocolate, and made it back to the truck. The chocolate helped, and by the time I got home, I was only a little jittery.
However, I was still in a foul mood.

I didn't go anywhere after that. I stayed in and worked on corpses some more, and did some experiments with making prosthetic makeup from latex, epoxy, and some other materials. Not having the full swath of materials to work with here is putting a damper on what I can do.
And I ended up watching "Gothika" with the commentary until about 2:30.

Not sure yet. Still in a really crappy mood. Figure I'll work on more corpse stuff and just be a hermit in general. I'm still really pissed off at myself for the money thing, and being in so much of a panic that I screwed up so badly. And I have a lot of end-of-relationship angst to deal with.

So I'm lonely and horny and cranky and depressed; frustrated and angry and feeling completely out of control. And I'm in Iowa.

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