Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


We refinanced the house back in November. The refi was for less money than the market value of the house by a considerable amouint, but it covered the balance of the original mortgage, plus enough cash to get almost all of the external debt paid off. The only other thing that's left is my student loan (which is another issue entirely).

The company, Metro Title, was supposed to handle the title transfer.

Well, apparently they didn't.

The house is still titled to Banker's Trust of California.

Banker's trust of California no longer exists. They were bought by another company which provides no contact information on the web.

Alpine Mortgage/Metro Title has closed the office that they were in in Bloomington. They have left all of the records there, but apparently nobody knows where the key to that office is, so they can't get the records until they can get a new key made, bla bla bla. Estimate is two weeks.

The good news is that when we refinanced, we also bought title insurance. This means that if there is a major screw-up, we are covered.

The bad news is that the title insurance only covers the loan, not the market value of the house.

I'm giving them the two weeks. Since this is my first contact with them, I can be a little lenient. And they check out as satisfactory with the BBB.

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