Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Clam bake

There are several types of materials that when you mix them together, they become volatile and can easily explode.

I think I may have ate some of them last night.

Feeling much better this morning, thank you. Actually in a quite good mood considering the circumstances. I worked on the corpse head some last night. First saturation layer of paint, a kind of base coat. It's a lovely shade of reddish-orange, and it looks considerably like platinated muscle tissue. The heavily latexed parts didn't pick up so much, so they stayed a yellowish-white color. It looks a lot like decayed muscle tissue and tendons. I'm really quite pleased with the way this one is turning out, though it's a lot less decayed looking than I had originally planned. It means that to match, the skeleton will have to have a lot more "meat" on its bones, which will take longer and consume a lot more materials. It also means that some decayed internal organs may be called for, and I am oddly gleeful about that.
I think I'm leaving the eye in. After a few coats of latex, it has a definite milky sheen and is much more creepy looking. It goes well with the plastinated look.

Pictures later.

I have a Halloween costume in mind. As a part of it, I wanted to temporarily dye my hair and beard black.

Not a single store that I've found carries temporary hair color. Not even halloween hair spray in black. The closest I found was a dark brown that washed out in 28 shampoos. And I don't want to go *quite* that long.

There is a theatrical supply shop that does carry Ben Nye makeup. I may head there tonight after work to see if they have anything. And besides, if I'm lucky, the hot theater babe that was working there last time will be there again. She was wearing a Tina Turner costume last time I was in, and she wore it well. And she was bright and appreciated my sense of humor-- a rarity here in the land of pigs and corn.

Should I ask her out? :)

Aw, hell... more fallout work crap to deal with. It just never ends.


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