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Tempura night

First, the day. Sailed by way too fast.
Then the night. A long trek over to jmanna's for Tempura night. Parking was so bad I had to leave the truck three houses down, but I still managed to get there before michaellee. Shortly thereafter, geohard and realsarah came along. There was a nice selection of meats and veggies to batter abd deep-fry, though Sarah ended up being the chief cook (and a mighty fine job, too). Yummy.
Afterwards some nice conversation until George & Sarah had to go, then Mike showed off a DVD of "Coupling", which is entertaining. After that more conversation. Political discussion is tough when everyone basically agrees, so we yakked about various things and the conversation weaved around as conversations are wont to do. Never a lull.

All in all, a very nice night. Much thanks to jmanna for a fine evening and good company.

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