Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Ingestible cohesion

Today, I ate oatmeal for the first time in a while.

I like oatmeal. And it's healthy. When I went shopping last night, I got enough to last for a while, because I really want to eat a healthy breakfast, and I can make it at work pretty easily. Just add water.

I also got Weetabix. It's very Canadian.

I bought a bunch of soup as well. Canned soup. Easily made, relatively healthy. I'm trying to eat better. Add in some fresh fruits and vegetables, and I should be on a good path.

And Granny Smith apple slices in hot tea are really pretty tasty.

Life hasn't changed much. I did get a glimpse last night of the amount of stress that I'm under when I tried taking stock of where I am in the overall scheme of things. I really didn't realize it because it's pretty much just constant.

Long-term plans are completely out the window. I can't really do any kind of long-term planning until I get a more stable base to work from, and I know that's not gonna be happening until I get back home.

Short-term plans are pretty much day to day right now. Sometimes minute to minute. I haven't started intentionally cutting my flesh yet-- I think that making the corpse is very therapeutic in that sense. It's very medetative, and it's actually a good study in skeletal and muscle structure.

I hate patience. More precisely, I hate having to be patient. And what sucks about it is that learning to be patient takes a really long time, so you have to be patient while you learn to be patient. It's like losing your glasses and not being able to look for them until you find them.

I want patience now, dammit!

Omegacon in just over a week. Hot tub, friends, drinking, massages, perhaps a little debauchery. Yessssss, preciousssss....

Debauchery... Mmmmmmmmm........

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