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Lots of details for the haunted commercials idea.

I got the submission guidelines for the ads, as well as article submissions. Yes, article submissions-- turns out that I can also write an article (or several) that will highlight the business. Cool, or what?

Good news, I may have an "investor" to get the advertising off the ground. I'm meeting with him on Wednesday.

The rough stuff:
The way this is structured, the commercials can appear in several different cities. I have to maintain a database so that each commercial once it's bought for a given market is "locked out" for that market. The problem comes in with defining what a market is. Major metropolitan areas are pretty clear, but what about smaller areas or cable-only buys?

Then there are commercial series. I've decided that the series has to go as a package, as it would be bad to have one commercial from the series shown for one haunt and a different one from the series for a different haunt.

Luckily we're starting off with mostly singles. However, two of the three initial spots are what are considered "teasers", which are designed for early-season play and links to websites, not so much room for information. So I need to shoot more spots with info room.

And then there's the website. I am out of space, so I have to delete some files, and I'm not gonna have room to display actual video of the ads. So I think I'm going to offer a DVD for a small fee ($20? $25?), with that being a coupon for that amount off of an order (or maybe a little more).

And I have to add all of this to the website.

Spring cleaning coming. I need to find a bulldozer. And I need to finish working on the soffits and gutters. And do taxes.


Tonight was spent creating new graphics for the website and a "video bug" of the marmot logo, as well as doing some quickie website updates. Also shifting stuff around to the FTP site to make room on the web server. This means that I'm probably gonna have to delete some of the audio files so if you have been waiting to listen to them, you'd better hurry your ass up.

Added bonus: I've discovered that I can indeed publish video to the web in 16:9 format, which is a happy-happy. It means I can shoot in 16:9 mode and finalize at full resolution instead of letterboxed.

The Moms are dropping by for a visit tomorrow. Oh joy. More Mystery Meat, and various canned goods.

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