Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I really like liquid latex. It's been my medium of choice on a lot of projects, and I'm thinking that five-gallon quantities may not be an unrealistic purchase for me.
I think the most I've ever bought at one time is a gallon. I've gone through probably three gallons in the last ten years, but that's been pretty limited projects, and I'm starting to find that it's very comforting to work with in creating the creepy critters that I like so well.
In an attempt to save money, I picked up a gallon of latex-based carpet adhesive. I'm trying it on a skull mold that I'm making-- first couple of layers were brush-on straight molding latex so that it would separate from the skull properly, and the next "strength" layers were the carpet adhesive with cheesecloth imbedded. Once that layer is completely dry, I'll do one more latex finish coat so it's not so sticky.
The carpet adhesive also mixes well with the straight latex, and that seems to take away a lot of the stickiness. I did a part of the neck of the corpse with the combination, and it seems to be holding up rather well. Thinning it out a bit with Witch Hazel seems to be reasonable, and it makes it the consistency of thick paint. I can brush it on.

I also need to spend more time with urethane foams.

Learning how to make eyeballs. It's a lot harder than you'd think. I've found a couple of online articles that are good, and there have been a couple of DVD extras that are interesting (Hellboy has a really cool special effects extra on some of the monsters with great images but not enough of a tutorial). It's particularly hard to do convincing "dead" eyes, because what you normally see for dead eyes in movies is done with scleral contact lenses. I want to try something with RTV silicone caulk-- the semi-transparent milky-clear stuff-- but getting it to cure in a mold is almost impossible. There are some interesting materials at Smooth-On

I have a couple of things in process. Neither one is making me incredibly happy quite yet, but we'll see.

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