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Today started off badly, with the Moms showing up almost 45 minutes early, before I had a chance to clean up the living room and bathroom. Barb had done a clean sweep in the LR, bu we still had a lot of crap everywhere, and I was in the bathroom after waking up.
Mom brought food. A cooler full of mystery meat and bags of canned goods. I love my mom, but for some reason, this felt so completely humiliating that I was... well... humiliated.
Remembered about chebutykin's party, and decided to do some jell-o body parts (Brain, hands, face). I don't get to do this as often as I'd like, as Jell-o is a LOT of sugar, but considering the zombie theme, it was entirely appropriate.
Spent a few hours doing this-- had to run to the store and get some supplies-- and tried a multi-layer mold which was not entirely successful (although it did look a little bit like rotting flesh).
Then I fell asleep.
Woke up when Barb came home after the Concomm meeting, just in time for her to leave for the weekend. I had originally intended to do some more elaborate zombie makeup, but since I woke up so late, I ended up doing a rush job appliance directly to my face, and coloring it with food coloring. It wasn't going to win any special effects awards, but it was pretty disgusting, which was fun. In semi-darkness and from a distance, apparently it was somewhat convincing. Up close-- well, it looked like I had glued a bunch of stuff to my face and then dabbed food coloring onto it with a cotton ball.
Cheb's party (hosted in part by hellbob and hellziggy) was a pretty doggone nice event. A lot of people, several who I hadn't met before, but friendly and comfy and occasionally a little warm. Plenty o food, except for the cocktail weenies which disappeared in record time. Got to see Cheb's apartments, which is not-too surprisingly aesthetically pleasing, but with a solidity and substance that I find quite hard to explain without being all art-y. I also got a chance to look at some of her paintings which are quite good; mostly dark and disturbing and very evocative. Kudos to Chebutykin.
Got to spend a little time with conversations, got to spend time around the fire outside, and generally felt comfy. And when the wee hours of the morning hit a few times and finally I had to go home and take jmanna with me, I managed to sneak a nearly-full tray of yummy stuffed shells (actually she offered) which will go very well into my stomach. (And I'm not thanking you again.)
I'm glad I went. Thanks to cheb and the hells for a dandy party.
Nowsers, it's off to bed to sleep the sleep of the sleepy, for tomorrow I must sort through some 30 bags of various canned goods and explore the Mystery Meat bin further. I swear I saw some things in there that looked like large insects.

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