Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Ibn Dreabms

Edit: fixed the entry to Dog Camp.

Last night, I dreamt that someone else and I found some electronic gizmo that was controlling some sort of rampaging robot. I ended up having to shoot the hell out of it to keep the robot from killing us, and even then it kept working to a point.
I ended up bringing the whole package home, and I redesigned/repaired/reprogrammed it around a poodle. I made a dog. Which worked fine, except when there were loud noises, the poodle would go berzerk and try to attack.
This was a problem around children.

The Omegacon Massage Schedule is filling up. So far I have four victims willing participants, and I'm thinking that five may be my limit for the weekend. Hey, I want to do some relaxing myself. :)
Saturday night will likely end up as a massage-free zone. I plan to partake in some hedonistic pleasures, and I really don't think that is a particularly good time for me to be giving massages. Either that or it is a really *excellent* time for me to be giving massages of a more sensual nature, and I have no plans to be doing that this weekend.

I'm learning patience. I really am. I've managed to not spend very much money this last two weeks, and it's been quite okay. I'm actually back into being on time with bills again. And I'm eating fairly healthy and getting regular exercise. That will be blown to hell this weekend, but it's just a couple of days, and I'm in serious need of some time away from everything.

Sadie will be going to Dog Camp over thanksgiving. I feel bad, but Dog Camp is realy a pretty fun place for her. And I will get to spend time with her over Christmas.

Mom is coming down to the house over Christmas. It's already going to be a stressful time, and a visit from Mom will be a great addition to that stress.
I love my Mom, but there's a reason that we don't live really close.
She wants to "fix" me. And she's not exactly big on finesse.

Not being very deep today. Disturbing sharks below the surface, and I know they're hungry.

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