Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


I'm really easily distracted today. Oddly, I'm also getting work done.

The hot tub, it calls to me. The gallivanting, the relaxing, the having mondo-muffin good times with friends, that calls to me as well. This time tomorrow, I should be well on my way.

That also means I may well be incommunicado, at least as far as LJ is concerned. I will still have my cell phone with me, and a large chunk of people I will actually be seeing and spending time with, so it's quite a good thing. Still, I know I will be L-Jonesing.

I like Omegacon. I was introduced to it two years ago now (this will be my third Omegacon), and I really like the small and unstructured nature of the whole thing.

It does have this weird effect of making me want to show off. I think it's probably the nature of being around a swath of creative and talented people. When I work on a project that I think they'll appreciate, I like to share it with them.
Don't really have anything like that this year yet. Of course, most of this year has been spent in the Land of Pigs and Corn, so I haven't had a whole lot of creative outletivity going on.
There is the corpse, but that's got a really limited scope of appeal. And where it was just a disembodied head, now it has a torso.

(And why is it always a "disembodied head", but never a "disemheaded body"? It's always a headless body, and never a bodyless head. I suppose it could be a discorporeal head, but that's awful close to incorporeal, which is generally used to refer to ghosts. And the only headless ghost that I know of is in a Harry Potter book.)

So this year I think it's going to be limited to massages. It's not really show-and-tell, but it is much more participatory than merely lounging.

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