Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Siren Song


Got to the hotel early. For some reason I wa thinking that it was a 3-hour drive from the house, probably because in previous years we've taken Sadie to Dog Camp on the way.
Set up the massage table. Ended up with the ReallyBigRoom®, so it worked out nicely, then headed out to the main room.
And started smiling. And basically didn't stop.
It was like coming home.

Hugs from gingerpook.

Happy chocolate evening. |-)

Side note: it became obvious that trying to schedule massages wouldn't work, so it was catch as catch can. Unfortunately, that meant that all the massages happened on Saturday.

Recognizing people from LJ and making the connection to who they are (alisgray, vaxjo, 7thstranger, lio (not frost as I had originally posted), dddragonlady).

Massages. Hot tub. Conversations. Being around creative, intelligent people with a sense of humor. Consuite. Laughter. djnoise's slow-mo-cam. Stuff. Meeting new friends. Sense of belonging.

3 90-minute (or so) massages in one day. Being not in the shape that I should be, I was physically exhausted by the end. But it was good, and it was good for me. I got touch-time which I have sorely needed for months, and I got out of my head for some nice chunks of time.

cleo dancing.

ljeowynmn flirting.

Gay Porn marhmallow sculpture.

More of the same. Getting a massage. Packing. Sad to leave. Dinner with 7thstranger, gingerpook & Gunthar.
Pup time.

Dog is love.

Diminished capacity for flirting. I was a LOT more reserved than I normally would be.

Being in the company of these people felt unbelievably good.

I need to spend more time geting to know some people.

Social anxiety. More an observation of my own as compared to others.

Then saveau came home and we talked. Apparently there was some drama while I was gone. I still don't know the details, but I may need to deal with a situation.

I'm not trying to be heartless, but it's not my problem anymore. Except when you make it my problem.

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