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Well, it turns out that food coloring does not readily wash off of skin. Today I have a slight reddish tint to my skin. And a few stray bits of latex in my hair.

twenty-eight bags of canned mom-food. Gotta say I'm not a big fan of canned french cut green beans. Now I have many. I have yet to devolve the cooler full of mystery meat. Taking a break to eat first, just in case.

Dog today to the dog park. We had a little pooping incident-- evidently she ate something in a plastic bag, and it didn't come all the way out. So I had to pull it out by hand. And she was not at all happy with that idea. After a few minutes of wrestling, I finally got her to lay down and take it like a dog. There was yelping and whining, and I think she was embarrassed. She got over it eventually, and she did finally get to play with some other dogs. And now she's a sleepy critter.

Jobhunt update:
Latest entry: a job for which I am not qualified, down in Chicago.

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