Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Coagulated disinterest

Sears and K-mart are becoming one. As a part of this, they are going to be eliminating a whole lot of jobs, but they don't want to call them layoffs. They are calling them a "headcount reduction strategy".

If I find a hooker and pay for sex, does that make me a buysexual?

Yes indeed, today I can barely move my arms. It feels good to have done something more to get back in better shape. I'm thinking of a 3-day-per-week workout in the weight room along with the bike. We'll see how it pans out.

I am saddened by some major events in friend's lives. Nothing that I can really do anything about, other than offer sympathy and support from a couple of hundred miles away.

(knock, knock.)
"Who's there?"

I pulled the first set of ears out of the mold last night. I managed to rip the latex pretty badly on one, but I think it will end up being okay-- I glued it back together, and it ends up looking a lot like scar tissue.
Although I have to say that putting the ears on the corpse suddenly makes it look a lot more real. It's a little freaky. They still are the wrong color-- latex pulled from a plaster mold tends to stay very white for a while-- but there will be more painting as I finish up the torso.
I laid in a second pour last night, mixed in a little organic red. They may be ready tonight, but I may let them sit for an extra day.

I've managed to stop kicking myself over not writing. I know that I want to have a screenplay ready to shoot, and I have a pretty good idea where this first one (second one?) is going. It's just not the most important thing in the world that I have to have it done RFN. Patience, patience.

Dorky the cat is doing better, and may be able to come home this weekend.

Relationship stuff: nothing to report, really. I'm feeling pretty good overall, hopeful and excited about creative plans. And I have enough toys down here to keep me busy in that sense for a while.

Watched the commentary for "Lost Souls" last night. What a freaking awful commentary. The movie was directed by Janosz Kaminski, who is a well-respected cinematographer, and the commentary was by him and his cinematographer on this movie. I figured it would be a lot about the cinematography and the lighting, and the use of imagery to help compel the story. In fact, there was very little discussion about the visual sense of the film at all. It was mostly Kaminski talking about religion and Poland and rain and being pretty and ranting about preview audiences. Nigh unto useless. A few gems here and there. Maybe six.
But Winona Ryder is pretty.

I haven't decided whether I'm hiding from myself, or if I've actually made progress. I think it's progress. I feel a few hidey-bits here and there, but mostly I think I'm easy and relaxed and maybe even a little giddy. And I'm not in love. Of course, it might be endorphins.

My mother is trying to convince me to go to church because it's a good way to meet women. I have to think it's probably not a good way to meet the kind of women that I want to meet. Nothing against churchgoing folk. It's more that the kind of women that I am attracted to tend to be more theatrical in nature. I'm not exactly the wholesome white-bread type of guy, but I'm not exactly the dangerous rebel type either. I'm a guy who has monsters in my closet, and who laughs at exploding babies. I'm a hedonist and a craftsman, a toymaker and an artist. I am many things.
But mom doesn't listen.

And truthfully, I'm not out to "meet" anyone. That would do noting but complicate my life right now, and I have enough stuff going on that can take up my time. I definitely want to be more social. And when I get back to the 'Cities, I plan to become more active in theater and film. Meeting new friends is cool. And being social is cool too. Between those, I think my dance card is full.

Just got a call from the lovely Jessica. She's heading over to the house for more cleaning. I think I'll keep her.

Work is being amusing once again. This latest one is that marketing wants a sign-off on the user interface design for a major feature which hasn't even gone through a basic analysis or architecture design yet.

I wish there were Darwin awards for corporations.


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