Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Inebriation Dissociation Alleviation Association

Oy. I was wrong, it's two days later that the pain really sets in.

I'm planning on being back in the gym tonight, but I need to do a lighter load on the arms. I'll see how it goes. The crunches and the legs are fine, and I'll probably set up the back machine.

It's friday. Made it through another week, and into a weekend of downtime. Did a bit of Christmas shopping last night-- got Bryan's present. It's been something I've been planning to get him for several months because I know he needs it.

Christmas is gonna be pretty limited this year. If any of you are expecting something from me, let me know.

I know what I'd like for Christmas, but I know I'm not gonna be getting any. :)

I didn't know until recently that it was possible to be horny but not want sex at the same time. It's a cruel feeling really, like being simultaneously hungry and nauseated.

I splurged last night and picked up McDonald's chicken nodes on the way home. I know they're not exactly healthy, but I was suddenly ravenous for nodes. I had eaten them all by the time I got home, and I was still hungry. Gah.
So today is oatmeal and bratwurst soup.

I put the second (repaired) ear on the corpse last night. Realized that with no hair, it ends up looking like an undead H Ross Perot.
"Zombie Perot for President!"


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