Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Slept in this morning. Woke up early-ish... my alarm clock had been playing for almost an hour, and I didn't rouse beyond a weird dream state. I got up and puttered around briefly, then went back to sleep. Finally got up a little after noon.

Successfully pulled the most recent ears from the mold.

A touch too much red (actually "Red Oxide" from Liquitex).
The red color worked much better, though it didn't mix fully with the latex which caused some weird mottling that makes them look a little diseased or abused. The red spots on the ear on the left are actually tiny bits of the acrylic paint that didn't mix, and they really look like small bloody wounds.
The whitish residue is powder from the plaster mold.
After cuting off the flashing, it looks like they were cut off of somebody's head. Unsettling, even when I know they are just latex. It's very groovy.
I mixed the thixotropc latex with witch hazel about 2:1 to make it pour easier.
The mold is deteriorating rapidly. I didn't have access to Ultracal-30 or Hydrocal, so I ended up using some regular old Plaster of Paris. PoP is easier to deal with than Ultracal, but it's really fragile, or "easily tooled", and every pull deteriorates it even more. Ah, well, it's more of a test anyway.

Today is pretty much a day of downtime. Maybe go see a movie, maybe go to Breast Buy and get some DVDs, maybe go grocery shopping.

I wish it was dark. I think better when it's dark. It's like the daylight intrudes reality into my little world, filling it with death and destruction and bills and a million little mundane things that hover just outside my windows. In the darkness, they retreat. They sleep, and they allow the monsters in my closet to come out and dance.

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