Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Lalalala Light Bulb

Rock and a hard place.
Top-level management is not accepting any delays to the schedule.
We are unable to meet the schedule because of unexpected problems.

Ergo, there is friction.

The solution: Management is telling the developers to meet the schedules.

(smacks forehead)

Of course! Why didn't I think of that? It's so simple!

I lost my pants. I washed them on Saturday, and now I can't find them. My washer and dryer are *in* the apartment. I know they are here. The apartment isn't big enough to lose a pair of pants in for very long. Still, I am stymied.
I seem to have lost a couple of work shirts as well.

The springboks, they do pronk.

The workouts are getting better. I'm able to move in the morning again. I'm surprised at the weight I can move with the crunch machine: I'm doing sets of 50 reps at 185 lbs, and sets of 25 at 150 lbs with the back machine. Slow and easy, lots of control. I can feel it today, but not too bad.
Just for fun I did calf pushes last night. I really don't need to work on my calves. I was doing 250 lb. pushes, got to 50 reps and just held it. Not even a sweat.
OTOH, my arms need work. Regular bicep and tricep curls at 30 lbs. knocked me down at 20 rep sets. And seated leg curls burn like hell at ten reps of 30 lbs.-- I stopped because I found myself jerking to get them up at all.
Butterfly and vertical press are so-so. 30-40 lbs. on the butterfly with 4 sets of 25 is about my limit for the day, and the vertical press did me in at 2 sets of 20 at 70 lbs. There is also a "rowing" bench, which I'm starting to like because it hits so many things just on the one machine. Mid-upper back especially.
I should probably make a chart of the various machines and what my workout is on them. The last couple of times it's only really been familiarizing myself with what is there and what I need work on.
I do need a better workout for my lower abs and my ass. And one that won't kill my back or my knees.

Incidentally, I have noticed a change in the shape of my butt. That may only really be meaningful to me, but it's definitely got more shape to it. Still a long way to go, but it's progress. However, it's also rounder, since the muscle tissue underneath has more tone and is lifting more. It makes my butt look bigger, which is so totally what I don't need.

It is something of a tradeoff. On one hand, I look bigger than I have for a while. On the other, I know it's because I have better muscle structure. But I look bigger. But it's not like I really care about how anyone down here sees me, so I have time to tone up and thin down. But I do go back home from time to time and see friends. But my friends really aren't bothered by how I look. But I don't get hot babes getting all mimsy amongst my borogroves.

And oy, that's what it's all about then, innit. The babes.

(Well, no, not really. It's about being able to walk without pain. It's about being able to fit through doorways. It's about being able to do things physically that I have not been able to do before, or for a very long time. The hot babes are just gravy.)

I'm not turning into a jock. I'm not turning into a musclehead, where all I think about is going to the gym. But I am really making an effort to become something new, something stronger and better and more balanced. I'm trying to counteract years of neglect. And the workout is still all nice and new and shiny, and is making that rapid difference that new workouts make. It's still exciting to me, like a new tool that I can use to make things better.

And by the time I'm done, I should be able to lift trucks. :)

Watched a couple of horror DVDs last night. Dead and Rotting, brought to you by my good friends at Tempe Entertainment (who specialize in ultra-low budget indie horror), and a bunch of zero-budget horror shorts put together by Fangoria. Hosted by Rob Zombie, who probably got paid more to shoot a bunch of intros than the total budget of all six short films combined.

Of course, I was much enthralled. Low-budget indie horror films!

Something of note: one of the discs has an interview with Clive Barker at his art studio/mansion. In a bit of synchronicity, he gelled for me what has been this niggling bit of euphoria about going to another place mentally to create. I've done that a couple of times while writing, but I usually don't go in full immersion, as it's a tough place to come back from. And the mundane work days tend to make it difficult to spend long periods of time in darkspace.
But it's something of hope that I can go there and be in isolation and create, and that I will be able to do that, and I will have time for it, and I don't need to be afraid of not coming back.

It's an adventure.

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