Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Edison would be proud

So for the last two weeks at the status meeting, when asked if I would be done with my current task by a particular date, my answer has been "highly unlikely". When asked for a date that I thought it would be done, my answer has been "Dec 6th at the earliest". And every week, the completion date is bumped another couple of days, not to the date that I said. Today I was asked if I would be completed with this task by tomorrow. My answer was "highly unlikely".
Why am I even asked?
I didn't make the schedule.
I wasn't consulted when the schedules were made.
When you ask me and I tell you that the schedule is unrealistic and it will take longer that what you have scheduled, you don't seem to actually take that into account.
Yes, I understood that little pep talk about how we have to deliver working software for beta testing no later than March because of the use of live farms for beta testing. When I suggested the concept of a contingency plan in case the software was not in beta-release condition by March, there was some consternation.
Craniorectal inversion does not suit you.

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