Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Goddamn motherfucking fuck-ass sons of bitches who suck goat balls in hell!

The company that I work for banks with Wells Fargo.

I have a bank in Minneapolis. That minneapolis bank does not have a branch in Des Moines, or even an ATM at which I can deposit my check.

Because it is difficult for me to get up to Minneapolis to get my check and deposit it in a relatively timely manner, I inquired about direct deposit.

Wells Fargo charges $26 a pop for direct deposit.

Rather than pay 26 bucks for every check, I decided to open an account down here, and have my checks mailed to me. I can deposit them here and transfer funds to mu minneapolis account.

My bank puts a five-day hold on newly deposited checks. I opened the account on Wednesday, when I received my last check. Thursday was a holiday. When I opened the account, the manager specifically told me that he would be able to have the funds available on tuesday (today).

I have to pay rent by tomorrow.

I went in at 4:30 today. The funds weren't available. I went to the manager and asked what was up.

Wells Fargo won't verify funds for the fucking check.

It's not that the funds aren't there, it's that they won't verify bank-to-bank that the funds are available.

Because they won't verify the funds, the manager can't release the funds until after the fifth day.

Which is Thursday.

Which makes me late on rent, and will cause a bunch of bounce charges for bill payments.

Fucking motherfucking fuck-all fuck fuckers!

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