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So remember how I was talking about how I don't play a lot of videogames? Well, a while ago, I installed half-life on my machine with the intent of exploring some of the worldcraft stuff for easy 3D mukmuk. I've been through the hazard course a few times, but never actually played the game.

Until last night.

A couple of hours of my life spent in a virtual world shooting critters and blowing stuff up.

Guess what I did for most of the day today?

I'm so ashamed. :)

Took the pooch to the vet today. Had a checkup on her burting back end, and had her anal glands expressed.

If you don't have a dog, you don't understand the smell that comes from the anal glands. Dear lord.

She did get a bath when we got home. And orders to let her be a lazy bitch for a few weeks to see if the stiffness clears up. No long walks, and no heavy romping. Lots of petting. Well okay, I added the last bit, but I feel so bad that I don't know what's wrong and I can't understand dog well enough that she can tell me where it hurts.

Downside is that it's possible that she has hip dysplasia. That is an expensive proposition involving surgery. The good news is that it's unlikely, as the symptoms came on relatively quickly.

We will probably go for a short walk in a few minutes so she gets some outside with-time that doesn't involve getting strapped into a nose cone and having a strange woman probe her ass.

Mystery Meat of the day:
Thought it was chicken, turned out to be pork. And if you're wondering how thet could be confused... well, that's why it's a mystery.

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