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Inspired by the holiday season

She sits at her desk and listens to the sounds of the mundane world around her. White noise of the heating system masks conversations so that only snippets of words filter through, mundane words, as bland as the cloth on the walls of her cube. Veal pens of employment.

She picks up a letter opener, touches the sharpened point to her finger, thinks of how good it would feel to slowly shove it into the eye of Mr. Helfinger and watch the bloody goo stream down the blade.

When she looks, there is a drop of blood on her finger. She puts the finger in her mouth and tastes warm copper, and she smiles ever so slightly. Helfinger's wife is out of town this week, and he's been really happy-hands. Just suggestive enough to be a pain in the ass, but not enough for a sexual harrassment suit.

Not that she could afford a lawyer anyway. She was lucky to be able to afford rent on what she was getting paid, particularly since she had to quit her waitressing job at The Box. Yeah, it was a titty bar, but she was just waitressing ferchrissakes. Helfinger came in one night with a "client" and saw her there. It wasn't pretty at all.

It's like a dream, a fading memory that drifts in the twilight time, that infinite line between day and night where the dreams become real, just for a second. One hand pushes, the other pulls, twists the knife, slicing through his soft belly like so much peanut butter. He writhes silently, unable to speak because she has cut out his larynx and folded it back along his throat like an origami butterfly.

He told her that it wasn't "appropriate" for one of "his girls" to be moonlighting at such a seedy establishment. And if she really needed more money, she should have just come to him; he was sure that they could work something out. Just a hint of suggestion, nothing unseemly, but she felt light-headed and dizzy, and had to run to the bathroom to throw up.

It's kind of amazing really. You can cut all around the face and peel it away from the skull just like a halloween mask. It's incredibly painful because the majority of nerve endings in the human body are located in the face, but the realization when you show someone their own face and they can't shut their eyes is priceless. The first glimpse into the abyss.

Yeah. His wife is gone for the week. And she wore the low-cut blouse to remind him of that offer he had made.

Yes, she would make some extra money tonight. Enough for Christmas.

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