Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

More about Wells Fargo sucking donkey balls

We bought the house from the V.A. back in 1994. The Deed to the property
was held by Bankers Trust Co of CA. The loan was bought and sold, and
eventually ended up at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. (Oh, how they do

Apparently, the deed was never recorded.

We refinanced in November of 2003 with Alpine Mortgage. Everything was
apparently kosher. I have a letter from Wells Fargo stating that we have
paid off the loan in full.

Alpine Mortgage is part of Metro Title. Metro title supposedly filed
paperwork with Hennepin County on Dec. 24 of 2003.

However, there was no deed filed again. Somehow this got missed, and I
have yet to receive an answer as to both how</i> this could be
missed, and how we could get a loan on the property when the title
wasn't clear.

The Alpine/Metro Title office where we did the loan is closed. All of
the people that worked on it are no longer working for the company. The
files have finally made it to the Brooklyn Park office. I am now at the
branch manager level trying to get an answer.

In the meantime, we have a request in to Wells Fargo to find out why the
deed was never filed, and to get the proper deed so that we can get the
title cleared up.

After four weeks, we got a form letter from Wells Fargo. Summary:

"Thanks for your patience. We are still researching your

After many long hours of searching, I finally discovered that Bankers
Trust of CA no longer exists. They have been eaten by Deutsche Bank. I
got a phone number, which transferred me to a recording which listed the
information that I have to provide in order to determine who the loan
servicing company is.

Which was Wells-Fargo Home Mortgage.

In other news, I am out of money. Just did some figuring, and I'm going
to be about $5k short on my taxes for 2004. And I will have no money to
do the work on the porch, which is at least another $5k.

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