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I'm stopping two of my medications.

This is not an uninformed nor rash decision.

The two medications that I'm stopping are Avandamet and Crestor.

Avandamet is for my diabetes. It runs around $250 a month, give or take.
Crestor is for cholesterol. It runs around $80 a month.

My cholesterol is not horribly high, but with the diabetes, the doctor wants to keep it low.

The Avandamet is another story. It does definitely whack my blood sugar way down. However since I've been exercising regularly, my blood glucose level has been staying fairly normal.

I'm still taking one diabetes medication (glyburide) and an antidepressant (Lexapro). Together they run me about $100 a month.

The reason is primarily financial. Saving over $300 a month is not insignificant, particularly with my current financial bind. That's $1500 over 5 months.

I am also keeping a very close watch over my glucose levels. If they start to go up, or if I start feeling wonky, I can get the prescriptions renewed.

No, I don't have health insurance. Primarily because I am a contractor, and I'm not really at any one place long enough to be able to participate in any group insurance programs. I could get personal health insurance, but there are some serious costs involved, particularly with a pre-existing condition.

Why not just get a job that has health insurance?

Silly me for not thinking of that. I'll just go right out to WAL*MART and get one, shall I?

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