Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Duty-free meme?

I was having a conversation wth a friend last night that ended up being
a lot about what I find physically attractive in women. She was...
Concerned would be the wrong word, but she was maybe chastizing me a
little bit about the women that I find attractive being essentially out
of my league. Then again, I was talking about Angelina Jolie and Milla

I had to explain that really I have a lot of bluster when I'm talking
about hot babes and perfect asses. It's a way for me to insulate myself
from reality a little bit, a way to keep my distance from the emotional
involvement that I currently fear.

And I had to explain that there are a very wide range of physical types
that I find attractive. For instance, Kate Moss:

A lot of people think Kate Moss is too skinny. I'm not really one of
them. She is who she is, and I think she's very well-toned.

And I find this woman to be very sexy:

Yhe picture is from the Torrid
website. And yes, I know she's not an elephant by any means, and there
is a lot involved in the lighting and makeup, but that's not the point.
What I really clue in on is that both of these women have good muscle

And I think that's the thing that attracts me more on a purely
physical level
. Having a good structure. Minimal sagging and

(Yeah, I know, we all sag and droop. And I am fully aware of my own
saggy droopy bits, thank you. I am not hypocritical. I realize that I
need to be attractive to myself first.)

Honestly, physicality is not as important to me as other things.
Confidence, charisma, talent, creativity, intelligence, brilliance,
humor. But it isn't something that I can completely discount, either.

And perhaps it's got a lot to do with self-confidence as well. I find a
woman who is confident enough about her own body to enjoy being naked a
definite turn-on.

Another thing that gets me is the way somebody moves. This woman I met
over the weekend wasn't the prettiest woman I had ever seen, but she
moved like a dancer. And that really got my attention.

I dunno. Maybe this has a really high duh factor to you. Maybe
you are truly well-balanced and understand your desires and the things
you find attractive in a way that I am just allowing myself to

But I'm curious:
Honestly, how much does physical body type mean to you? Particularly
when you are first meeting someone?
What kind of things do you find attractive?
What makes a man (or woman) sexy in your eyes?
Have you ever been rendered speechless by someone that you found
overwhelmingly sexy, if just for a moment?
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