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The marmot head is throbbing with pain, and has been since waking. I took some ibuprofen earlier in an attempt to kill the beast living in by brain, but it seems that it isn't even stunned.

Half-life has sucked me in. I'm at the missile silo with the three-headed beast, which is abominably difficult to deal with.

I'm surprised at how much I am getting into this game. I suppose because it's so escapist, and is a cross between a novel and a movie, with interaction thrown in. Although it is designed to get more difficult as you go, and the difficulty is mainly in the user interface-- when to jump, pressing the buttons in *just* the right timing, etc. I know that's the trend, but I like puzzle-oriented games more, and HL is subversively puzzle-oriented.
And I get to blow shit up.

Meeting for the DZ tonight. Moving forward, though slowly. I feel very dissociated, like I'm separated into layers, with some moving too fast and others too slow.

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