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Once in a while, things work out.

Started off like a dull damn day, with a headache. In the midst of exploring god-mode with half-life, barda called to snap me out of my reverie. Unfortunately, I realized that I was late, and I had to cut the conversation short (sorry darlin').

I made it to the meeting with about five minutes to spare, thank goodness. This is the meeting I was talking about a few days ago, with a possible "investor" for my haunted commercials idea. Now I put the word "investor" in quotes, because I'm not really looking for an investor, but I am having some difficulty coming up with ready cash for things like advertising and expanded webspace. And Paul is a friend.

A good friend.

I didn't know what to expect, but what he offered was to pick up all of the advertising and expanded webspace costs as well as DVDs for a year. And in exchange, I do commercials and some line entertainment for his haunted house.

Which I was going to do anyway.

Combine that with an e-mail that I got from the magazine that I'm loking to advertise in about a special promotion where when you purchase an ad size, they will upgrade the size for free. So basically I would get nearly double the ad space for the same price.

It's just so damn serendipitous. It's reassuring that maybe this is actually the right direction to be going in.

There's an awful lot of work ahead, but there is a path, and a motivation.

Which means now I have to kick butt on the website updates. :)

Mystery meat:
No mystery today. Deli turkey in a salad.

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