Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Hum, Bahbug

A sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich sounds pretty good right about

Weird dreams last night. David Hyde-Pierce looking for a house and
asking my opinion if an old mortuary would be a good choice. Needing to
get to Andreas Katsulas who lived on a really stinky river, and me in a
tiny boat that kept capsizing.

Symbology of a small boat that is overloaded when I get into it,
flooding with water and eventually going under is very common in my
dreams. Never the same boat, never the same location, never even the
same water. Sometimes I'm alone, other times I am not.

I have a secret project happening right now. It's only secret because of
the timing, and the fact that there is still a good chance that it won't
happen because of things outside of my control-- there are some other
people involved, and I am not leading this one. If it doesn't happen, no
harm/no foul. If it does happen, you will hear about it, because I will
be shouting it from the rooftops.

It's meaning that I'm having to do some online research into an area
that I like quite a bit. However, the research that I need to do is
somewhat open-ended, in that I have to try and figure out how to
<blank> something without knowing what that something is
completely. It's a little frustrating.

The heating system in the house isn't working up to par. I know what the
problem is: the boiler feed for hot water to the system is being
restricted by the tempering valve. This means that even though the water
in the boiler is plenty hot, it's not getting to the rest of the system.

Solving the problem is another issue. There are two ways that I could do
it: a heat exchanger, which is a really elegant solution and has the
distinct advantage of decoupling the boiler circuit from the rest of the
heating system; or an injection manifold, which is cheaper and probably
more efficient.

I'm leaning toward the injection manifold right now. Honestly, there
isn't a super-pressing need to isolate the boiler circuit, and it's
something that I can design and build myself. The heat exchanger is
something I can build, but it's a little more involved, and would mean
braizing copper. I could buy one, but they are expensive (around $500
for one that's capable of the heat transfer rate that I need).

I just need to head to Home Depot and see what materials I can find.

The design is a little tricky. Basically, there needs to be a
low-resistance flow path for the heating system water, with a slightly
higher resistance path for the boiler feed water. That way, when the
boiler circulator kicks in, it injects the hot water into the
low-resistance stream, and mixes it with turbulent flow.

Turbulent flow is easy. It's hard not to have turbulent flow. The
hard part comes in trying to adjust the resistance of the main heating
system flow so that it doesn't try to branch into the boiler circuit as
part of its main path.

Ah, well.. I suppose that's what the physics degree is for.

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