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Billpayer's rage

Qwest has apparently instituted a new policy of disconnecting your telephone service after three days of late payment. Unfortunately the disconnect was on the business/DSL line, which is required to be Qwest because of the ISP, and since I'm about to embark on a new business venture, it needs to be in place. So $150 bucks that had to go out today prematurely.
Add that to the payment-in-full requirements of the gas, electric, and water bills this past week, and it means that the car payment, insurance, and house payment are short. It means that I will not be able to refill my prescription again. It means I'm gonna have to try and do my taxes by hand. It means we may lose the truck.
At least we have pet food.

You know, it's not like I don't want to pay everything, but this is now my third extended period of unemployment in two years. Savings are gone.

Started a new class tonight. Digital Signal Processing. Graduate-level engineering course. A friend of mine is teaching it, and he's letting me in for free. I like free stuff, but my brain is pretty rusty on the math part. Like remembering how to reduce e^jωt to it's components. Or convolution. Or Z-transforms.

Working on the website tonight.

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