Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Ganked from autodidactic
eight random things on my desk:
1.) CD of Rammstein "Reise Reise"
2.) Xacto Knife
3.) Headphones
4.) Glass
5.) Scissors
6.) Set of Sharpie pens
7.) One-euro coin
8.) Several wooden sticks

eight random things in my bookshelf:
1.) Books on Windows programming
2.) Screenwriter's Bible
3.) Bunch of DVDs
4.) Telephone book
5.) CAD box
6.) Game software
7.) The book of the dead
8.) A skull

eight things on my corkboard:
since I don't have a corkboard, I'm incliding things on my walls and around me
1.) Another skull
2.) Picture of autodidactic
3.) Picture of myself, Mark, Shay, and Victoria at The Beast
4.) Barbie giving GI Joe a lap dance in a light-up Beast glass
5.) A container full of brushes and sculpting tools
6.) Paint
7.) Eyeballs in various stages of assembly
8.) Partially-assembled corpse

eight things i'm proud of:
1.) Made Out Of People
2.) The Dead Zone commercials
3.) The work that I did on TTTH and PFD: Hunter
4.) Having had the courage to end a long-term relationship
5.) Taking on home improvement projects and winning
6.) I am not a number
7.) Keeping fairly consistent in working out
8.) Not giving in to fear

eight things i'm ashamed of:
1.) My criminal past
2.) Occasionally thinking with Mr. Stubby
3.) Not having the courage to stand up for myself when it was needed
4.) Not having taken responsibility for portions of my life
5.) Not having more to show for what I've done
6.) My lack of understanding of women
7.) Romantic gullibility
8.) My body

eight things i worry about:
1.) Money
2.) Making mistakes
3.) Other people's perceptions of me
4.) Never being fulfilled
5.) Never being able to love again
6.) Never finding true love
7.) Never having really good sex
8.) Age

eight things i hope for:
1.) Fame and fortune and everything that goes with it (I thank you all)
2.) Normalized sleep patterns
3.) To be able to go off of medication completely
4.) To make a comfortable living making good movies or TV shows
5.) True happiness
6.) Trust
7.) Intimacy
8.) To be sexy

eight things i'm planning to do in 2005:
1.) Write, produce and direct a film
2.) Do more film work with others
3.) Write at least one feature screenplay
4.) Finish the front porch
5.) Recover the studio
6.) Finish cleaning the house
7.) Yard Sale!
8.) Go on a "real" date

It's harder than it looks.

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