Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Gentle into that goodnight go not

So very little accomplished today. No real desire to see this project
succeed, no real desire to see it fail. I'm just so used to stuff
getting screwed up that I actually expect it. Do you have any idea what
it's like to work in that environment?

I have to wear an ID badge around my neck. When I put it on this
morning, it felt like a lead weight. Sometimes I just hate this place.
I'm only here for the money, which makes me something of a cynical
whore. All I'd need would be to start smoking and wearing a muu-muu and
I'd have a character all set.

After I get done here, what I really need is about a month of time in a
hot tub with a bevy of beautiful women who feel like providing me
comfort and solace. I suppose I should start taking applications now,
because by spring all of the beautiful solace-providing women will be
otherwise occupied, and all I'll be left with are cynical old whores.
Hey, don't get me wrong, I love cynical old whores, just not for
providing me solace and comfort in a hot tub.

Tonight shall come the monthly Spending Of The Money(r) ritual,
otherwise known as paying the bills. Big step in my new Life As A
Responsible Adult(r) game that I got for Christmas(r).

Feeling a little randy this evening. If you were mine, I'd have a
special night of play planned that might involve a little spanking.
Since you're not, you'll just have to spank yourself and send me

I'm a bad, bad boy. :)

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