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Busy weekend.

I'm exhausted.

Day two of the shooting for Horror Inc. went well, though I didn't have enough sleep, and I was pretty tired all day. It's still a alot of fun to be shooting, and I was smart enough to have packed lightly this time, so the loading and unloading of the truck was much less strenuous. I did have to do a commando dive during the shooting of one scene to stay out of the camera during an unplanned bit. It worked, and was evidently very memorable and highly entertaining.

Bonus news: the haunted commercials advertisement for the magazine got bumped up to a 1/4 page ad for the same rate. I have a quarter-page ad in a national magazine. Paid for. I'm still stunned.

This week is a busy one indeed. I need to build a camera dolly, finish the website, do a quarter-page ad, and prep for next weekends shooting. As well as the normal look-for-work kinda stuff. And I need to do some repair of the shooting equipment. The boom mike shockmount in particular has had some damage, and is just getting old.

It feels good to be in motion.

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