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If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding.

Quandry: Craving the intimate interactions of human flesh, but still feeling too vulnerable to become emotionally involved.

Resolution: the concept of fuckbuddies has come up more than once. Kind of a crude name for the concept, but essentially we're talking about a friend who is amenable to sexplay, but isn't looking to get involved in a relationship.

(Bear in mind that we are talking responsible and consensual sexplay here.)

Is this a good idea? On one hand, there is the satisfaction of the need for physical intimacy and human touch, the advancement of trust and exposure to a level of vulnerability that may be necessary for healing.
On the other, with vulnerability comes risk. Risk of emotional involvement, risks of one person wanting to continue when the other person doesn't, risk of hurt feelings.

Fuckbuddies: good or bad idea

Hell yes! There are times when sex and friendship go great together.
It can be a really good idea, as long as everyone plays by the rules and you don't get further involved.
Sounds fun, but it really never works out. Feelings always get hurt.
Absolutely not. Never mix friends and sex. It's a great way to lose a friend.
Jeez. Just pay for a hooker already.
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