Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dancing in the Dark in my Underwear

Watching Van Helsing last night (with extras) served to bring up the point that I am jealous of Hugh Jackman.

Crap, I'm never gonna be Hugh Jackman. But here's this guy, good looking but not delicately pretty-boy, muscular, and he looks like he's enjoying the hell out of making the movie. And From what I can see, the guy is just damn likeable. He enjoys doing his own stunts.

I don't want to actually be Hugh Jackman. I just want to be good-looking and amazingly popular.

Setting the bar high, I know. To say nothing of being the wrong way to go: I should be learning to be more accepting of myself and to be happy with who I am.

But you know what? That hasn't worked for me. I've never really been happy with myself, never felt I've been good enough. Probably the way I was raised-- nothing was ever good enough. Problem with that is I'll never be satisfied.

How do you fix that?

As for Kate Beckinsale: I have the ass-end of a rat here. Anyone want to trade?

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