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Boring workout adventures.

I upped the weight today after doing a warmup that didn't make me scream like it usually does. My warmup usually consists of front leg lifts (40 lbs, sets of 20) interspersed with seated press (also 40 lbs, sets of 25). I ended up doing six sets of each tonight without stopping. And that's just the warmup.

The rest of the workout is starting to gel. I usually do a circuit of three machines next:

A: shoulder press (20 reps, bumped to 45 lbs today)
B: Butterfly (25 reps, bumped to 50 lbs today)
C: Lat pulls (20 front, 20 back, 75 lbs today)

and I cycle through the three machines without stopping until I hit five cycles (or exhaustion). Because of abnormally high traffic, I also mixed in some bicep and tricep curls, maybe 2 sets of 20 each at 50 lbs.

Then to give my arms/chest a break, I go to the seated thigh abductor/adductor. Inner thigh squeezes at 40 lbs, 4 sets of 25 (these hurt like a bitch when the thing is set w-i-d-e). Outer pushes-- today I went to 100 lbs, and managed 5 sets of 25. I need to either do more or increase the weight, but if I set this beastie at 50 lbs, I can pull off 200 reps continuous without a problem.

After that, the cruch machine. Sets of 25, today I tried 180 lbs. I managed 4 sets, and 4 sets of back curls/extensions as well. Underneath all of this excess, I actually have abdominal muscles-- it's weird.

My shoulders are easily the weakest. I did a couple of sets of extended arm lifts with just 10 lb. weights, and it hurt enough to make me stop. After that I called it a night, still came out to 90 minutes.

Tomorrow is just the bike-- cardio workout.

Wednesday I'll probably add the vertical press, low-row, and thigh/squat machine.

I alternate days like that now. It seems to be a good balance.

Gonna be thrown off on Friday though: I have company coming over the weekend, and she's coming down on Friday night.

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