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Fait Accompli

Today I managed to get some things done, including learning some of the new features of my upgraded video editor. Cute and useful things like motion tracking and image stabilization. Didn't do any cleaning or organizing, but I do feel a little bit accomplished.

Also taking some time to learn a 3D program a little bit. Rendering a small animation right now to see if I got it right.

I'm also feeling a bit scattered. I have a lot of things going on right now, with no job to either get in the way or provide funding. And it's cold, so I'm pretty much stuck inside. So I have the cleaning to do, excavating part of the basement, prepping for installation of in-floor radiant heat, building a camera dolly and crane, clearing out the studio, moving the control room (after I redo the wiring and acoustics), fixing the ceiling in the dining room, fixing the wall in the kitchen, writing a cool computer program, writing a screenplay, writing and storyboarding commercials, experimenting with some visual effects, and designing some computer hardware.

Does that sound like a lot?

So yeah, I should prioritize. I know that the core cleaning probably has to come first. And then the basement excavation, because that's where the workshop and lab need to go, and that is where the primary storage space will be. Not having a garage puts a damper on storing stuff in the garage, and I really need to learn how to get rid of stuff. It's kinda like if I haven't used it in five years, do I really need it? And some of the stuff is really just crap that needs to be tossed out. And as a goal, I would probably feel better about myself if I could get that part of my life accomplished.

But it's work. And I'm highly unmotivated to work. Because it's work. And it takes energy, which I don't have in abundance.

I'd rather websurf.

Found a lovely site done by a writer from NY who posed as a 14-year-old girl on the internet looking for sex. He's published some of the chat logs, which are wonderful to read:

I particularly like the one about Cooter Joe.
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