Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Lambda Alhambra

I have my warm socks and my winter boots, and I'm bundled up and toasty
warm. Outside, there is snow; not the ten inches we were told to
expect-- maybe half that-- but it's blowing and drifting and on top of a
sheet of slick ice.
This morning there was a snowdrift outside the apartment door almost
three feet high. They don't seem to have much of a snow removal plan
here: the apartment complex has a bobcat with a snowblower attachment.
One for the entire complex. It moves the snow just fine, it just takes a
bloody long time to blow the entire complex (and no that isn't a joke
about my ex-wife).
Probably half the people haven't made it into work today. I wouldn't
have, but five inches of snow isn't exactly the end of the world for me.
Hell, McDonalds was open, and I figure if they're serving fast food, I
should probably be able to work.

It's still snowing. Expecting another 8 inches by tomorrow morning.

Finished most of the rough data for my proposal last night. I still have
to try and find some prices online and put together packages, but most
of that work is done. Then there is the actual formal proposal with
detailed information and references to finish. All without knowing if
this thing even has a snowball's chance in Texas of becoming real.

Ah, well, if it doesn't, I've at least learned some things.

Unpacked the massage table last night, and it turns out to be really,
really nice. It's a little bigger than most massage tables: a full 30
inches wide, with 3 inches of closed-cell foam, and 73 inches long. It's
damn near luxurious. And I got on it last night-- it's actually comfy.
Comes with the headrest and arm sling and a carrying bag. I'm quite

Watched some of the Spiderman 2 extras last night. A nice bump on some
of the special effects shots: 8 days of filming for 25 seconds of final
screen time.

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