Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


More freezing rain last night, covering everything with a sheet of ice
yet again. And there is more today and tonight. The apartment hasn't
shoveled the sidewalks, they just plowed the snow over them, and they
didn't salt or sand the driveway which goes down a fairly steep hill.

I'm going to rename this place Slipson Falls.

A couple of nightmares last night. Subtle one that woke me up where I
went back to college to talk to a couple of my old professors, realizing
that it's been over 20 years since I got my degrees (it hasn't actually
been that long) and that 20 years has flown by. One of my profs was
retiring, packing up his books and as I was talking with him about not
being happy with the way the industry is heading, he asked me what I had
done in the past 20-some years that was worthwhile, and I had no good
answer. Somehow this time got compared to my high school graduation and
became cumulative so suddenly it was as if in 40 years I hadn't really
done anything of note.
It wasn't scary in the skeletons-and-monsters sense, but it left me
feeling really worthless and old.

Second nightmare of note: my Father came back from the dead and made the
grass grow by telling it to dissolve and eat anything that it could.

I'm wide open to interpretations on that one.

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