Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Lorem Ipso Lhasa Apso

I have a lot of trivia in my head. It's not really geek trivia, so I'm
not exactly useful in the Geek Trivia Contest; my trivia is a collection
of quasi-useless information about things that I've been interested in
or come in contact with in the past.
And it's really a wide variety of trivia.

I was thinking of making a trivia quiz. Figured it might be a bit of

I actually feel fairly good today, playful and mischevious. Just a
little warm and sparkly. Couldn't tell you why exactly. Ready to go
home though. Work is teh6uxx0rz, and I have things I'd really
rather be doing. Like pretty much anything.

If I say something is Nippleicious, I'm probably not talking
about the flavor, yo.

I now understand the concept of randomly horny.

Tonight is a bike night. Cardio. My upper arms have definite definition
to them, and they are bigger than they've been in a long time.
Biceps/triceps get a pretty good workout, and I have actual pectoral
muscles now. And I realised last night after seeing my reflection that
my upper arms are about the size of my head. Not all of that is muscle,
but most of it is. I don't realize it when I'm just sitting around
normally, because I'm used to seeing myself as relatively normal.
Right now, the circumference of my left upper arm flexed is 20 inches.
My calf is almost 24. Cripes, I know women with smaller waists.
My ass has better definition now, too. It's no longer the size of
Kentucky, more like a West Virginia. Not a big enough change to affect
the tidal pull, but something I can notice by feel.
My legs are smaller, too. My belly though-- I know it's smaller, but
it's deflated like a balloon. I have decent abdominal muscle structure,
but it's sagging and drooping a whole lot. And that's no help on my
There are treadmills in the gym. I can walk for about 5 minutes before
my lower back is in too much pain to continue. I know I need to fix
that, and it will probably mean doing more time on the treadmill along
with other exercises, but for right now it's excruciating.

MLK day on Monday. I have the option of taking it off of work, but I'm
already bumping out a half-day early next Friday. A long weekend would
be nice-- maybe I'll do a half-day instead.

Note of weirdness: when you mix oatmeal with water to form a thin gruel
and then let it dry, it forms a crust. I think that properly done, this
could have really good makeup potential, like for scabs and flaking
Flour might work too, but oatmeal has a texture to it that is really
organic and grainy.
I am reminded of a scene in "FX" where Bryan Brown is looking at tofu
and thinking how nice it would work for alien skin.

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