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Riding the avalanche

Life conspires, I perspires.

Many things to do, and a lot of things that have to happen RightFuckingNow. Making dubs of tapes that suddenly have to be delivered tomorrow, Barb needs the truck so she needs them by early morning and she won't be back until very late, and I need to prep for the shoot on Saturday. Won't be able to load the truck until Saturday morning.

And I still need a card table.

Bloody pusmonkeys.

Still need to work on the website. I have the Haunted Commercials logoid on the front page in a hugely ugly way, reminding me that I need to get this done. And I need to re-cut some older commercials to have genericized versions that I can sell, as well as re-loading some others.

Then again, I'm not bored.

I didn't get to make my camera dolly this week due to the whole not having money thing. Needs to be done, but next week is already occupied by another project. Dolly is required by the 22nd, so there is a very short time to make all of this stuff work.

It also looks like I will be acting in the first commercial, as one of my actors had to cancel. And I don't have storyboards drawn, so I will have to do some quickies tomorrow.

Somehow, I think I'm gonna be busy.

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