Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Indoor pool

Well, there's nothing like a little household emergency to take your
mind off of shit.

I did not dream of being in an airplane last night. Instead, the dreams
were significantly weirder than normal.

Dream 1: Starts off in the real world. By my bedside, I have a
lamp that you turn on by touching it, and it has a three level dimmer
(touch, dim; touch, middle, touch, bright; touch, off). Well, with all
of the fans running, apparently there was some electrical noise getting
through the power lines, and the light would randomly cycle through. So
as I was trying to sleep, the light would come on and wake me up. So I
ended up unplugging it. Then it came on again. I freaked. And woke up.

Dream 2: Woke up in the middle of the night to voices coming from
the living room. Went out to investigate and there was a woman standing
looking out the window, wearing a very 1800's style dress. I said
"Hello"; she slowly turned to me, and she had no face, just a gaping
hole where her face should be.

Dream 3 had something to do with my ex-wife (Dawn) getting
"married" to another couple where the husband was an abusive prick. I
wanted to warn her, but she thought I was just jealous, which was
further complicated by the fact that I was indeed jealous.

I slept through my alarm clock this morning. Basically, I couldn't hear
it. What woke me up was the invasion of the maintenance men, who came in
and shut off all of the fans so they could hear themselves yelling.

Got a call from the insurance adjuster this morning-- whoops, the hotel
room would have been covered without the deductible, sorry about that.

Today, I'm just tired. I'd rather be cuddled in my nice warm soft bed
having my head stroked by a beautiful woman who loves me and wants to
comfort me in my time of stress. Then again, I think I'd rather have
that pretty much all the time.

Relatively speaking, it was pretty lucky. It could have been a lot
worse. The damage is actually quite minimal considering what a large
volume of water can do. But it also reminds me why I'd rather own a
house than live in an apartment. Even when the house needs work, I know
what the work is and how to do it.

And so it goes.
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