Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Yesterday I got a call from the apartment manager's office. They wanted
to thank me for being understanding about everything, and offering me a
temporary apartment if I needed it. I declined.
Then I got home and found that they had closed the windows in the
apartment because they needed it to be hot to help extract the remaining
water. As in 85-90 degrees.

I tried to sleep. Really I did. Wasn't gonna happen.

So I'm here today at work about to fall asleep. But then I had a
brilliant idea, and asked my boss if he'd let me work at home for a
couple of days since I was heading back to Minneapolis for the weekend
anyway, and the work I'm doing right now I could do there just as
easily. And he agreed.

So Bonus for me, I get to go home early and sleep in my own bed with my
lovepuppy for a day or two. I still have to work, but I get to be home.

Ahhhh. :)

And I'm bringing the massage table.
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