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Well, yesterday started off innocently enough, with a metric buttload of snow everywhere. Call from Barb in the early afternoon let me know that because of the snow dumping, she wasn't coming down this weekend-- a good call considering how much snow came down.
Got a call from Jess a little before 5:00 that the roads were bad and I should probably head over to their place sooner rather than later. And yes indeed the roads were bad, particularly at rush hour. I saw no less than five cars stuck in snow on the freeway, not even in the ditch.

Have I mentioned that I like 4 wheel drive?

I got to Jess & Colin's a little after 6. Jess had made dinner, and I got to nosh a bit at their house before we decided to all pile in my vehicle to head to Tony & Kristi's. By this time, 94 was plowed somewhat more, so the drive was much less of a chore, and we managed to get there only an hour later than we had originally planned.

The whole thing was a murder mystery party. Never done one before, but thought it was worth a try. Everybody got dressed up in costume, which was quite exceptional considering how well we all ended up being cast in the roles, but I digress.

Chris & Gen were late-- they were coming from St. Paul, and figured they'd be a couple of hours. In the meantime, we noshed on some grub from Buca, and played a version of what can only be called Strip Poker for the Blind: essentially, you bet other people's clothes. Nobody actually got naked, but the virtual part ended up being funny as hell (partly due to the wine we were consuming, I'm sure).

By the time Chris & Gen got there, it was around 9:30-- we had originaly wanted to start at 7:00-- and the game shortly commenced.

At this point I must mention that there were three couples: Tony & Kristi, Chris & Gen, Colin & Jess. The remaining two roles were taken by myself and my lovely friend-who-shall-remain-nameless.

Have I mentioned that I love my friends?

And that my friend-who-shall-remain-nameless had a costume which I shall only descrbe as amazing. Think gypsy, and scarves.

The murder mystery party was a lot of fun. Frought with puns galore, extremely silly characters, and just general brain teaser moments. Several hours later, we had identified the killer, which coincidentally had turned out to be me. Ah, such is life.

Afterwards, there was more wine, some excellent orgasm-inducing chocolate cake, and more strip-poker-for-the-blind (or for chat users) where we all ended up virtually naked. My friend-who-shall-remain-nameless (hereafer referred to as FWSRN) suggested a hand of poker where the prize was a massage by yours truly; the hand was dealt, and I won. Naturally there were many jokes about massaging myself which was quite silly, but by this time we were all in the slightly silly mood.

Tony put "Dangerous Liasons" in the DVD player, and we proceeded to watch the movie. Well, I started rubbing the feet of my FWSRN, who was rather amenable to this. Things progressed to a full-on back rub-- I did mention the somewhat amazing costume she was wearing which lent itself to access. And since this was a rather impromptu thing, I was laying next to her on the floor. And it was nice. Not so much a massage as something more personal, even in a room full of people.

Jess and Colin needed to get back to their place, and since I was their ride, that meant I had to leave, too. Oh, I so didn't want to. And when I stopped the rubbing and caressing of FWSRN, she looked at me with some very big "no, don't stop" eyes.


Downside of snow is shoveling. Rick got a new shovel and did the back, I took care of the front, at least partially. Got a call from Kristianne canceling the reiki session which was really too bad but understandable since she's overwhelmed with stuff right now. My head was exploding with pet allergies, so I forced myself into the 'Sploder and hit up Walgreens for some Claritin D and ibuprofen, which I took and crawled back into bed.
And a several-hour sleep-of-the-sleepy nap later, I woke up to Rick putting the finishing touches of the Doom3 install on my machine. ANd another phone call from Kristianne who felt bad about having to cancel, but wanted to talk anyway.
Haven't played Doom3 yet. I have work that I need to accomplish before I will let myself be swayed by the sweet siren song of hell.

The good news is that I understand more about my relationship with FWSRN now. And that I got some quite appreciative personal physical time with a lady friend who I quite admire. It was very much what I needed, and it was nothing overwhelming, and it holds the promise of more time to come. Slowly and generously.
I was also told that I am a very attractive man. Not by FWSRN, but by another friend who I appreciate, and who I believe is trying to stroke my ego a little bit. And it worked, dammit.

Tonight is work, and possibly a trip to the Arkham Asylum if I get my stuff done in time. And tomorrow is heading back to the Gulag early to do some aftermath cleanup.

Love to you all.


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Jan. 23rd, 2005 02:55 am (UTC)
Sounds like a lovely evening!
Jan. 23rd, 2005 09:32 am (UTC)
Sorry you couldn't make it to the Asylum tonight.

I managed to snag some snuggle time (with assorted friendly females!), but somehow it wasn't the same.
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