Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Leaping the chasm eternal

Well, I picked up an EyeToy last night after work. That is the camera
for the PS/2 that can be used for a couple of games, but can be used as
a rather nifty webcam for a lot less than most PC webcams. And I got it
running with a minimal amount of fuss, though I'm still having the
occasional problem with AIM.
I ended up chatting for a while last night with athenaloba
trying to get the cam working with her. She never could se the video,
but the audio came through just fine. So I ended up chatting with me
talking and her typing, and it was a little weird, kind of like when you
hear somebody talking to themselves, only it's you.

I also hit Home Depot pretty hard last night, picking up most of the
materials that I need for the light project and the screen frame. The
Home Depot down here is really screwed up-- like they carry fittings for
2 inch copper pipe, but they don't carry the pipe; they carry dies but
not taps; they carry nail guns but not the nails that fit the guns.
Weird shit like that. I tried to find 90-degree wire-pull fittings for 1
inch EMT conduit last night, only to find that they stopped carrying
them last fall. They still carry the conduit. I ended up going with 3/4
I also got a cut-off saw, which is a power saw with an abrasive blade
that is used for cutting metal. It allows for very precise cuts anything
up to 45 degrees. Considering the number of metalwork projects that I
have going now, it was a good investment.

I need to pick up some things that I couldn't get at HD last night, so
I'll probably hit Menard's tonight. And I finally got my paycheck so I
can actually pay bills and things.

Missed the workout last night though. I didn't get done with the
shopping stuff until a little before 8:00, so I'll probably head to the
gym tonight, and if there's time later start working on the lights. Or
the frame.

So much to do.

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