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Just when I think I'm making progress

This morning when Barb went to turn the space heater down in the bedroom, she noticed the faint burning smell. Turns out that the plug that goes into the wall had gotten so hot that the plastic melted.

Yeah, it's scary. Being as it's so cold, we're having to suppliment the house heat with space heaters, and to think that one of them could get hot enough to melt plastic leaves me thinking that a fire would be real easy with one of these things.

So I went to the hardware store and got new plugs and wire, and rewired two of them. Heavy-duty, with high-current plugs and 14-3 wire. After a little testing, I ran them for an hour on full heat, and the plugs never even got warm. So I feel a little accomplished, even though it took something like 3 hours to do both of 'em.

Then Barb got home. She had been doing bills, and came up with the bad news. We are not making enough money to cover our monthly bills. And we're already behind.

So unless I can either get a job soon or find some other source of income, we sink deeper in debt.

This is extremely frustrating. It isn't within my power to go get a job. I can push the resumes and surf the web and call old contacts, but when there aren't any jobs available, there isn't much more that I can do.

So I feel overwhelmed and useless.

I want to go somewhere or do something that will make all of this crap go away, but there really isn't anyplace that I can go, and most of the things that I can do are either unethical or illegal. I'm trying to stay away from that.

Maybe I'll try and sell some stuff on Ebay.
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