Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Old man dating

So I've found myself single once again after a 12 year lockup, and the
realization that I have to start dating again makes my blood turn to ice
water in my veins. Realistically, it's been something like 20 years
since I've been openly dating, and I wasn't really very good at it back
Reality television has exposed me to shows like "5th Wheel" and "Blind
Date", which leave me with a feeling best described as "Scared Shitless"
(which methinks would make for an interesting title for a new reality
show about dating later in life).

I've been told by a couple of young twenty-something friends of mine
that I'm too old to date, not too old to date them, but
too old to date in general. They haven't taken to calling me
grampa yet, but I know it's coming soon.

But the dating pool is a lot shallower when you start getting older. As
much as I like to look at hot young babes, I require someone with a
little more substance, a little depth and breadth, and some chutzpah.

Most of the women that I meet that I find with these qualities are
already attached-- either married or otherwise unavailable-- and I'm not
willing to get involved with someone who is already involved and become
somebody's side action. Or they have no interest in me "in that way".
And most of the single over-30 women that I do meet tend to either have
a sense of desperation about them, or are criminally insane. And I have
a hard-and-fast rule about never dating the insane.

My interests are also a little on the abnormal side. I make movies, and
I do a lot of horror-related stuff, so I tend to have things like
skeletons and zombies and monsters and body parts around, and various
mechanical and electronic bits with which I make my creations. I spend a
lot of time creating: sculpting, welding, molding, painting and the
like. And I write, and read, and watch bad horror films to learn how to
make movies (or how not to as the case may be).

I'm pretty non-traditional.

I don't know whether I should even consider dating. Right now I don't
know anyone who is both available and interested/interesting. And maybe
I should take this time to get further into my new career of choice and
do more, and just let the whole romantic thing rest on the wayside.


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