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A couple of last minute e-mails at work tonight sent me right over the edge. I walked out. Pity that it was 10 minutes to 5:00, which gives me time to cool down before going back into work tomorrow.
Stupid stuff. Changes to interfaces made after my having to fight a ridiculous battle to get interfaces defined so that they would not be changed, or at least that changes would be reviewed by everyone using them.

On one hand, there is the uber-manager saying we WILL BE DELIVERING this product in seven days; on the other hand, there are the freaks who make changes to things that cause me days of rework.

I cannot deliver this product on these dates. Regardless of the management stance that it WILL BE delivered, it won't be, and I have said this repeatedly. I cannot seem to get it through their heads.

And some of the changes are completely ridiculous-- for instance, I want to store a number. It's a measurement in millimeters. I have two of them that I want to store. But because of this ridiculously arcane and obtuse design, they are now expecting me to pass in a DOMAIN IDENTIFIER, which is something that is determined by their XML schema, and hasn't been assigned yet. If I were calmer, I would try and ask them why I am being exposed to the XML schema at my level. It's already become very obvious that nobody in that group understands layered design, or the art of simplicity. Or user interface design, or the concept of interfaces.

It's like trying to build a house when the builders that were hired are cat breeders. They understand cats, and everything they design is oriented around cats.

I'm normally very patient, but I've had a really shitty day, and now I'm gonna go work out. And tomorrow I will chew ass.

[Edit: Apprently, the windows time manager set my date to 15 days in the future. I've had to reset a bunch of posts now. Cripes.]

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