Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Los Robles

Paid bills last night. I got everything except the Minnegasco bill-- I
couldn't log on to their website since my "account number wasn't valid",
and I don't know how much the current bill is. Total tally was almost
$3300. That did cover two house payments which was the significant
chunk, and getting caught up from behind on a lot of stuff.
My cash outlay so far this year has been astronomical: between a
buttload of car repairs, house payments and rent, bills, paying somebody
for some work they did a while ago, and the toys I've picked up in the
last couple of months, it's been somewhere around $7000. I'm pretty much
back to ground zero for money, but I figured I would be at about this
point. The only thing that was really unexpected was all of the car
repairs, which have gone over $1000 in the past month or so.

It took about three hours to sort through everything, enter it into the
spreadsheet, do the calculations and all. That and cleaning took the
entire night, but now I'm done for the month (with the exception of
Minnegasco and a Qwest bill that I should hit next week).

It amazes me that with so many places that allow you to pay bills online
easily, there are still some places (most notably utility companies)
that make it difficult. Hell, I could pay my student loan online if I
only had my PIN number which they say they sent to me via mail (not
e-mail, regular mail), and I can request a copy of it (also sent via
regular mail to my Minneapolis address), but I cannot verify on-line.
Minnegasco allows you to log in to your account only if you have the
account number and the exact date of the last bill they sent-- so if you
don't have the latest bill, you can't log in. Xcel and Mid-American only
allow on-line payments if they can lamprey onto your checking account
directly, no cards allowed. No thanks, I'll write you a check, mmm-kay?

I still need to do taxes. I do have all of my W2's and W9's, and it was
better than I had guessed for tax purposes, and I should have a lot of
deductions since I was W9 for almost the entire year. Home office, baby.
Capital equipment. Medical expenses.

Here's hoping.

Bryan is coming up tonight. His birthday (and windelina's)
(happy birthday!) are imminent, and with his recent bad luck, his
request is to hit the strip club, and who am I to argue? Heck, if I end
up making Zombies vs. Strippers, I could write it off as

Cor, I'm tired. Fatigued. Too many things to do, not enough time.

I need to start packing stuff up to take home. Some stuff I already have
sort of packed in plastic bins, so I suppose I could just start taking
those things, but there's an inertia that comes with not wanting to
move. I really hate moving. And I still don't know when I'm going to
clean the apartment, and if it's worth paying an extra month's rent &
utilities to have the time to clean it in a more relaxed fashion (during
a time that I won't have income). Pushing it to the end of April means I
would only have one day for final cleaning. A week would be better.

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